Renuka Recipes

Cheese Croquettes

The easiest and fasted way to prepare your own  authentic cheese croquettes at home using our very own Renuka products

Renuka processed cheese, cubes 200g Renuka chico seasoning cube 1x
Captain tuna spread 200g Mashed potatoes 150g
Egg yolk 1 Plain flour 100g
Bread crumbs 100g
  1. Add Captain tuna spread 200ginto the pan
  2. Add Mashed potatoes 150g
  3. Add Egg yolk 1
  4. Add Plain flour 100g and Pepper to taste
  5. Now add Renuka chico seasoning cube 1x and Mix well
  6. And Place cheese cube in the middle
  7. Dip in egg batter and bread crumbs
  8. Add Oil 500mlinto a pan and Deep fry

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