Renuka Recipes

Potato and Onion Masala

The easiest and fasted way to prepare your own  authentic Potato and Onion masala at home using our very own Renuka products

Oil 2tbsp Renuka chico seasoning cube ½ x
Renuka coconut milk 40ml Chopped garlic 1tbsp
Chopped green chili 1tbsp Boiled potatoes 250g
Chopped onion 40g Garam masala 1tbsp
Turmeric powder ½tsp Green peas 50g
Curry leaves Pandan leaves
Coriander leaves
  1. Add Oil 2tbsp into the pan
  2. Add Chopped garlic 1tbsp and Fry well
  3. Add Curry leaves
  4. Add Pandan leaves
  5. Add Chopped green chili 1tbsp and Fry well
  6. Add Boiled potatoes 250g
  7. Add Chopped onion 40g and Mix well
  8. Add Garam masala 1tbsp
  9. Add Turmeric powder ½tsp
  10. Now add Renuka chico seasoning cube ½ x
  11. Add Renuka coconut milk 40ml and Mix well
  12. Add Green peas 50g
  13. Add Coriander leaves and Cook well

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