Renuka Recipes

Soya and Vegetable Kebab

The easiest and fastest way to prepare your own authentic Soya and Vegetable kebab at home using our very own Renuka products

Renuka cooked soya 50g Renuka mushroom seasoning cube 1x
Diced onions 50g Diced pineapple 50g
Diced tomato 50g Diced green bell pepper 50g
Oil 2tbsp Mustard cream 1tbsp
Bee’s honey 1tbsp Kebab skewers
Salt to taste Pepper to taste
  1. Thread items onto skewers
  2. Add Oil 2tbsp into pan
  3. Add Bee’s honey 1tbsp
  4. Add Mustard powder 1tbsp
  5. Add Salt and pepper to taste
  6. Now add Renuka Soya sachet packet
  7. Add Renuka mushroom seasoning cube 1x and Mix well
  8. Spoon mixture onto skewers
  9. Add Oil 1tspinto pan
  10. Pan fry until cooked and Garnish with bee’s honey

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