Renuka Recipes

Fish Tacos

The easiest and fastest way to prepare your own authentic Fish Tacos at home using our very own Renuka products

Captain canned fish 250g Renuka chico seasoning cube 1x
Chilli powder 1tsp Chopped onion 20g
Chopped garlic 2tsp Flour tortillas 6
Salt to taste Pepper to taste
Oil 2tsp Chopped tomato 20g
Chopped green chili 2tbsp Lime juice 3tsp
Bee’s honey 2tsp Iceberg lettuce 50g
  1. Drape tortillas over two bars of the oven rack
  2. Add Oil 2tsp
  3. Now add Captain canned fish 250g and Mash well
  4. Add Chopped garlic 2tsp and Mix well
  5. Add Chopped onion 20g
  6. Add Chopped green chili 2tbsp
  7. Now add Renuka chico seasoning cube 1x
  8. Add Chili powder 1tbsp
  9. Add Salt to taste and Mix well
  10. Add Chopped onion 2tbsp
  11. Add Chopped tomato 20g
  12. Add Iceberg lettuce 50g
  13. Add Lemon juice 3tsp
  14. Add Bees honey 2tsp
  15. Add Salt and Pepper to taste and Mix well
  16. Now Place filling inside tacos

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