Renuka Recipes

Soya Pizza

The easiest and fastest way to prepare your own authentic Soya pizza at home using our very own Renuka products

Renuka cooked soya 250g Renuka chico seasoning cube ½x
Sliced bell pepper 10g Chopped tomato 15g
Chopped onion 20g Tomato paste 4tbsp
Chili powder 1tbsp Oregano 1tsp
Oil 2tsp Salt to taste
Pita bread
  1. Add oil 2tbsp into the pan
  2. Add the Soya which is soaked soaked and drained 250g
  3. Add Chopped onion 20g
  4. Add Sliced bell pepper 10g
  5. Add Chopped tomato 15g
  6. Add Chili powder 1tbsp and Mix well
  7. Now add Renuka chico seasoning cube ½x
  8. Add Tomato paste 4tbsp and Mix well
  9. Apply tomato paste on Pita bread
  10. Add soya mixture
  11. Add Grated mozzarella cheese
  12. Add Sliced black olives
  13. Bake at 2400c for 20mins and Garnish with oregano

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